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Start receiving your TCOIN crypto-bonus in a few minutes!


1. Install Trust Wallet app on your mobile phone Apple or Android. Please don't forget to save the 12 word phrase in the corect order, this is like your password and will help you recover your TCOIN tokens if something happens with your phone.

2. Ask the hotel receptionist, or the restaurnat staff to send your TCOIN crypto-bonus!

It's that simple!

Use the TravelCoin.one platform to book Hotels worldwide and find Partners that offer and accept TCOIN crypto-bonus. Create a new account on the TravelCoin.one Booking Partform by clicking on the sign-up button on the website menu.

Travel Coin - TCOIN, smart contract address: 0xb8b10dafb5546b3740886d8a77b8b9bacb44fffd


Add your TCOIN wallet address to your TravelCoin.one account.


1. Open the Trust Wallet app and click on the "Smart Chain" text/logo.

2. Press the "Receive" button then the "Copy" button.

3. Go to the TravelCoin.one platform and paste this long line (wallet address) in the "TCOIN Wallet Address" field under "My Profile".

That's all!



Find out more details about the Trust Wallet crypto app on the official website:


How can you use your TCOIN crypto-bonus

You are now part of the new world of cryptocurrencies! You already have a wallet that accepts any cryptocurrency.

By using the TCOIN crypto-bonus you have various benefits in partner hotels such as discounts on accommodation or food and drinks.

You will also be able to exchange the TCOIN token for real money at any time through trading platforms, but this requires more detailed documentation on your part!

The acceptance of tokens in hotels as well as their trading in specific platforms will start in 2022.


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