If you own or manage a hotel it is definitely time to be a part of the new travel revolution!

Become a partner in the most revolutionary Hotel Booking Ecosystem, in which hotels have ZERO Fees and tourists benefit from an international reward system.

For assistance please contact us: WhatsApp LIVE Support  | Email: hello@travelcoin.one


How does it work?

Read this 7 minutes article made especially for Hotel Managers, to fully understand how the TravelCoin.one platform and the TCOIN crypto-bonus works.




  What are TCOIN tokens?

TCOIN tokens are used as a reward for the tourism industry, it helps the hospitality businesses attract new customers and reduce the platform booking fees to zero.

  There are any commissions?

No, hotels don't pay any commissions, administration fees or any other hidden costs! However, over time there will be a premium subscription with various advantages.

  Do all tourists receive the TCOIN bonus?

In the first phase, all tourists receive the TCOIN crypto-bonus. When the TravelCoin.one booking platform becomes well knowned, the bonus will be granted only to those who have booked through the TravelCoin.one platform.

  How the TCOIN Reward Works?

Tourists staying in partner hotels will receive TCOIN tokens as a bonus. By scanning a QR code, tourists will receive the TCOIN tokens directly to their Trust Wallet mobile app.

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